127 Brookfield Straight Side Study [011]

By Scott Morrell; posted September 12, 2010

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PHOTO 1 - CD 127 Brookfield Study

EIN [011] -- (New listing in 2011 Price Guide)

(F-Crown) [Number]/W BROOKFIEDD 55 FULTON ST {Note spelling} (R-Crown) PAT APRIL 4 1871. {MLOD} SB {STRAIGHT SIDE MOLD VARIANT}

Note: PG lists number on F-Crown & R-Crown, possible PG typo


In September 2010, Bill Ostrander and I documented as many "straight side" variants of CD 127 Brookfields as possible and posted them here. We asked Don Briel to list these "straight side" mold variants in the new Price Guide, and he agreed. I've now updated each ICON photo with the new EIN assigned by Don.

Note that some PG descriptions vary slightly from these photos (typically a missing a period or such). Each description in these photos is the exact embossing Bill and I observed.

Many thanks to Don Briel for accepting our research. I suspect there are yet more straight-side Brookfields out there. Feedback is welcome!