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By Dante Di Midio; posted September 3, 2010

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This is my little overflow shelf. The rest of the over flow is in the office windows. The shelf is just a piece of wood and some L-brackets screwed into the studs. I plan to put the signs on my indoor display pole to make more room for glass. By the way that is my complete mud collection on there. The yellow one is a Thomas, the two tone one is a Chance, the brown cable top is Ohio Brass and the PRR style one is unmarked. The no trespassing danger sign was found wedged between ties on an active rail bridge. It was folded just about in half, but the metal sign was no match for a butane torch and a decking hammer. It just needed a little scrubing and the flaked off red was filed in with opague red paint pen. Anyone have a SEPTA R3 sign to go with my R5? I recon since SEPTA discontined using the R# in train destination signs finding one may prove challenging. Sometimes they come loose from the trains and fly off but 99% of the time they get crushed by the next passing train and you just find the pieces :-(