Lightning Rod possible Chambers

By Dan Gay; posted August 19, 2010

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I just got this and I'm no expert on this stuff but it looked to good to leave behind. It's not perfect but for something almost 100 years old, what would be? Here is what I know. The top tip appears to be broken or hit by lightning [ something missing ? ] The LRB, I'm told is a "clambroth color" or tinted milk glass [mint] Comes with 2 light aqua side tab LRI'S in mint condition. No embossing. On the copper wire clamp on the bottom of the rod is stamped [ PAT"D DEC. 8. 1914 - - - - PAT"D OCT. 6. 1914 ] The weathervane looks original but painted? Has a nice SCA colored glass sail. I could use a little help from the experts. Way Cool !!! Thanks for looking The top tip might have some embossing but tough to see, maybe [C N C] or something.