Good finds.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 12, 2002

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> Here are some wonderful finds from along the good ol' CP line near my house, all were found within stretch maybe two-or three kilometres, and NOTE: these are a FEW of the things we found there, we found many beautiful insulators there, however if I included them all, the railing on the deck would probably collapse under the weight! From left to right: [040] Brookfield "B" CD 145 in emerald green with a nail in the dome, [010] Brookfield CD 169.5 in green aqua (originally thought to be a CD 153), [030] double-threaded CD 143 No-embossing Canadian in aqua, [040] No-embossing Canadian CD 143 in possibly green, emerald green, or olive green (Oh, dang! I went and exploited the information from my colour question in the Help/Questions folder! %#$*&#!), [010] Montreal Telegraph Co CD 143 in blue, G.N.W. TEL. CO. blot-out in straw (unfortunately broken, but the only one I've found so far), [060] No-embossing Canadian CD 143 "tall-boy" in light-aqua (this one's pretty crude, too), and last but not least, [080] CD 143 no-embossing Canadian in smoke, beautiful colour. Now, as I said, this is only a few, I have left out some nice ones, but these are probably the nicest. I should be so fortunate as to ever have a hunt like those ones again, but it was fun while it lasted, and now I have some nice pieces in my collection. I pulled all of these except for the GNW blot-out off of poles myself.