"Norse" Helmet Cable Insulator dark teal aqua

By Bob Alexander; posted July 23, 2010

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Here's a nice piece if you collect cables, A Norse Helmet Cable Insulator in a nice shade of dark teal aqua. This one is very clean no etching carbon on it at all. Condition overall excellent condition just a few pecks here and there. It has the threads on the inside of the skirt and his embossed cable on the front. Price $45 postpaid.

I will be adding more insulators with pictures like this to illustrate what can be done using my book - "How to Take Great Digital Pictures" which can be purchased from me for $20 postpaid. The photos you will be looking at were made using my system of photographing insulators and took me about 15 minutes each to produce. You can take photos like this as well with my system. They work great on eBay and its this insulator doesn't sell that's where it will be headed. Thanks for looking - Bob Alexander