CD 145 Picture 1

By Steven Bahre Jr.; posted July 12, 2010

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I bought this piece with a collection from a long time insulator collector's family. The collector passed away a few years ago. This insulator is VNM with only a slight flake off the base between the base embossing only affecting the T in PETTICOAT. All other embossing is clear. This is a CD 145 [040] AM. INSULATOR CO. N.Y. DOUBLE PETTICOAT / PAT'D. SEPT. 13, 1881. NOV. 13, 1883. I have no idea of the color of this piece because of the abundance of amber, milk, junk, etc. Towards the base appears green aqua, but the top is more apple or lime green. It's almost a two-tone green aqua and apple green, but the overall color is like a like yellow-green. This picture group shows the insulator pictured under natural light as well as fluorescent.