CD 145 B in aqua - almost no inner skirt

By Zac Mirecki; posted July 3, 2010

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This beehive has traces of an inner skirt but, as you can see, it is barely there in certain places. The base of the pinhole is very wrinkled and it is hard to tell what is what. You decide if this piece has an inner skirt or not. The CD 143.4 (a CD 145 without an inner skirt) doesn't have this embossing listed but since Brookfields are listed, I guess this isn't too much of a far shot.

Condition is VNM (with just a tiny fleabite on the front crown above the wire groove). This insulator just needs a good cleaning.

I'm looking to trade for foreign/ domestic porcelain (especially colored transpositions), junky or colorful CD 134s or Hartford Faience Co. pieces/ ephemera I don't already have.

If you are interested in this piece and are going to Boxborough, let me know.

Thanks for looking!