13 CandleSticks and 3 companions with all wood hardware.

By Spencer Grueninger; posted June 29, 2010

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This is just hard to believe, but here is the poor quality picture to prove it. Another chambers lot has been exposed. This one is from Kentucky as you can see the U.K. sign. This guy found 13 candlesticks and 3 companions in an attic while cleaning it out. One was broke in half and one is still dirty and in found condition(not pictured).

Stuff like this just blows my mind. He also has the mounting pegs and 3 leg tripods to go with them. He said he had some of the rod but might still have the original tip or tips. I'm finding it very hard to claim these are rare anymore. Tough to find maybe, but not rare as I have seen a set of 17 and now this set of 16. I also saw a set of 15 not to long ago. Just awesome!!