Vivid Cobalt Blue Threadless Hat Info, Answered!

By Richard Case; posted May 17, 2010

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Everyone agrees that this was one of the fakes produced by a well known western dealer, counterfeiter..Paul Greaves wrote and suggested that following features that made it suspect and I wrote back this:....Thank you for the info and yes mine has a small dot or tit inside to the side a little in the pin hole and it has that lizard skin look to it . The glass when poured seems to have been poured so slow it created ripples in the glass. This must have been a cast off to place in the desert for authentic verifying purposes..After looking at the glass the way it was poured it doesn't seem like normal manufacturing in a glass factory.. lizard skin and ripples.. thank you all for boosting my knowledge on these well made fakes. He also mentioned that the same goes for the CEW ponies had the lizard skin look to them..It sure looks good but it is easy to cast a threadless... The lizard skin look and the ripples are not what a normal glass insulator would have..It looks like it took minutes to pour it or someone heated glass into a mold with a blow torch and it just flowed into it as it melted to create this ripple effect...what do you think...I'll post a picture of the lizard skin and ripples closer if I can..thank you all for the help and lucky I had less then $20 in the deal...

Earlier posting as follows:....

Vivid Cobalt Blue Threadless Hat Info Wanted..The color is almost like the purple cobalt Russian insulators, dark and it has a slight rainbow effect in the glass even after being lightly tumbled by an unknown bottle digger. I bought this off eBay and was a bit surprised that it was such a vivid cobalt blue color. it has been tumbled and the size of it is 2 5/8" dia. x 3 1/2" tall.with a 1" diameter tapered pin hole. This was from a bottle digger out east, I believe because of the eastern insulators that came with the sale.... But bought in the south west. Deming, NM, He also had a CD 731 style threadless and a Boston bottle works which I also purchased. These were damaged. This is damaged too, but from this side it looks darn nice, doesn't it? Top was popped off and it is only 5/8 intact..Looks real to me, but I guess any threadless can be considered suspect now due to the ease of the manufacturing techniques. From the latest feedback the last few hours, all consider it suspect.