Borma Acqui 6 " Italy

By James Mulvey; posted April 20, 2010

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A small six inch dia. more blue than aqua glass suspension marked Borma Acqui from Italy. Has the clevis fitting on top but the lower tounge fitting is missing.

M.I.V.A. means Manifattura Isolatori in Vetro Acqui, and opened in Acqui Terme, a small town of Piedmont (northwestern Italy) in 1906. It was the only glass insulator factory until 1921, when BORGO started its production (under FOLEMBRAY co. control) in BORGO SAN DONNINO (today FIDENZA) town. In 1972 the name was chancged in BORMAVI, to change again two years later, becoming BORMA (BORDONI MIVA ACQUI). It closed in 1999. The plant of Acqui Terme is still abandoned with some unfinished insulators inside on the ground (I've been there a few months ago) Nora