The Wind Tried But This Pole Won't Go Down

By Mike Parker; posted April 19, 2010

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Over the years the wind has tried and tried to blow this broken off pole down. It just won't go over since it has a huge steel cross bar attached to the other pole. The other pole also has a steel guy cable attached to the (wet) ground still holding it in place. Just looking at that pole scares me, but I would like to have that antique cast iron power transformer hanging precariously on it. These were the dead end poles for the train signal power (2200 Volts) and communication lines carried along the entire railroad. The poles here date from the 1920's.

These poles are located on Suisun Bay, an inlet of San Francisco Bay in California. The site is the north end of a train ferry landing of the Sacramento Northern R.R. on Chipps Island. The ferry was one of, if not the only ferry boats that actually carried the trains with passengers on it to the other shore. It was in operation from 1913 to 1954 and had energized trolley wire on it which automatically connected once it was ashore so the trains could enter/exit the boat under power. That explains the horizontal steel bar between the poles which is still holding these long abandoned poles from falling. Photo courtesy of