RD 149959: CD 126

By Elton Gish; posted April 18, 2010

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Thanks to Zac Mirecki for helping to solve (again) the mystery of the Canadian glass insulators with the embossings RD 149959 (CD 126) and RD 154745 (CD 133). Actually Zac search the CJ archives and found an article in the October 1975 issue written by Hank Golet detailing his research. Last January Bob Stahr received a reply from Sid Lethbridge (Canada). "The folks who registered these were likely importers or agents and did not make the glass." Sid provided the details on how to order copies of the registered designs from the National Archives in England. A third style (RD 154744) was also included with the other two which appears to be CD 134. No one has reported an insulator with that RD number. Here are the three styles and information about each. The two companies involved were probably importers and did not make the insulators:

RD 149959 (CD 126) May 22, 1890 by James Bridger, Upper Edmonton, Glass Merchant James Bridger's firm was registered as manufacturer of glass tiles, panels and lights on 10 Nov 1886 and as manufacturers of electrical battery jars in 1889.

RD 154744 (CD ???) August 20, 1890, F.H. Davy & Co., Upper Edmonton, Glass Merchants

RD 154745 (CD 133) August 20, 1890, F.H. Davy & Co., Upper Edmonton, Glass Merchants Could not find any information about the Davy company.

Click on the following links to see drawings of the other two styles: [id=276205023; RD 154744] and [id=276205161; RD 154745]