CD 123 EC&M with Peg, Backer Plate & Tie Wire!!

By Mike Herron; posted April 12, 2010

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Here is a complete EC&M with the original tie wire, backer plate and peg from the famous Ridge Line in California. Very similiar to one recently sold at auction, and certainly few exist in such wonderful condition.

This insulator was featured in the July 2009 Crown Jewels. Additional pictures of this piece can be accessed starting here: [click here]. It was part of a find in North Carolina back last summer. Surely some old-timer back during the gold rush brought this home as a souvenir and was unearthed from an old estate. One can only speculate how it found it's way to the East coast!!

Wood is in good condition for it's age, still includes two of the original nails. Peg is still attached to backer plate. Insulator has an internal stress crack that is difficult to see and minor base flaking, but is in relatively great condition. Their is some wood sap on the top of the insulator and down the side of it due to it being attached to a tree for so long. It has NOT been cleaned in any way and has been preserved in it's original condition as found. Tie wire is also in good condition and not as rusty as I've seen these before on similiar insulators. There are some nice sized bubbles in the glass. Not exactly sure of the mold style, but believe it to be a "D MOLD".

I had pulled it earlier due to an interested party, but they backed out of the deal. I've also had a few conversations with some EC&M specialists and thought about putting it up for auction on other websites. However, I feel I'd much rather deal with someone on ICON, so it's back. I've also reduced the price to make it more attractive to a potential buyer. However, taking all opinions regarding rarity and value into consideration, I feel the asking price is well worth the investment for such a historical piece.

If there are no takers at this price, then it will go back into the collection and may never be offered again. You may see it at shows from time to time though :)

$4,500 Firm. Email for more information and additional pictures.