Nail-in-dome Brookfield "B"

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 1, 2002

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This is that "B" that I described on ICON, and is currently one of the best "Junk-in-glass" pieces that I own. It appeared as just another Brookfield "B" when I pulled it off the pole, but it was so much more! This picture also shows the only damage. a fish-eye just above the wire groove, aside from some microscopic wire-groove flaking and a small chip on the inside of the base right on the mold-line, it's practically invisible unless you know it's there. It is either a nail or a fairly thick piece of wire, most likely the wire, as it appears to not have a head as a nail would. I also found a Brookfield B with beautiful white milk swirls/bubbles all throughout it, however, it is impossible to photograph such albino beauty.