Russian duble suspension

By Andrey Kazakevich; posted April 1, 2010

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Russian double glass suspension insulator.

Embossing "PSD 70 DM" (ПСД 70 ДМ), "86", Lviv factory mark, "86", "9" and seal of the Soviet Union with the inscription of the USSR (СССР)

Glass line suspension insulator PSD-70 (for areas with high degree of pollution). The letters "DM" (ДМ) in the labeling insulator indicates the index modification and indirectly characterizes the year. Thus the insulators with the indices A (А), B (Б), V (В), G (Г), D (Д), DM (ДМ) are now obsolete and are not allowed.

The modern name of insulator - PSD-70E

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