Unlisted Error - Hemingray No. 21 CD 145

By Barrett Nicpon; posted February 17, 2010

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I was looking through some surplus material I had stashed away out in the barn when I came across this rather unusual Hemingray 21 CD 145 I must have picked years ago - I recall the area that it came from, but I don't recall at the time noticing that this piece has a rather obvious embossing error. Just goes to show that you should always take a second, third, and fourth look at everything you decide to get rid of, or just stash away in a crawl space!

This one, quite obviously, has the number "1" in "No. 21" embossed overtop of a second "2". Apparently the person doing the stamping for this mould just got a little excited with the number 2, and made this one a Hemingray "No. 22", before crudely attempting to fix the error.

Hard to believe that after all these years of documentation, new errors continue to turn up like this!

This photo just shows the overall insulator, from the front and rear views. [id=270955270;This photo] shows the actual error.