"M" mold H.G. - PETTICOAT 145 For Sale or Trade - GONE

By Jim Sinsley; posted February 14, 2010

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This is a "M" mold H.G.CO. / PETTICOAT CD 145 Beehive in a light greenish aqua. As you can see in the picture it has a nice "Cotton Ball" or "SNOT" in just the right place. It also has another area of milkiness on the opposite side that looks much better in person than in the picture. The damage report is almost nothing save a few tiny pecks on the crown, barely noticeable. I am asking $50.00 + mailing cost or equivilent value of the insulator in Trade.

I am looking for the following: OUTSTANDING - SUPERIOR CD 147s or 178s, anything with GHOST EMBOSSING, PORCELAIN EGGS, side EMBOSSED porcelain STRAINS, smaller (2 " X 4" minus) Colored Porcelain SPOOLS, any odd colored porcelain insulator, HEMINGRAY CD 208s I don't have, two piece TRAMPS Glass or Porcelain, CALIFORNIA CD 102, 112, 121, 134, 145, 152, 160, 161, 162, 166, 178 in color I don't have (there are lots of them), POSTAL 145s or any POSTAL type from other manufacturers (especially WGM), Colored or Odd Ball PORCELAIN LAG screw dead end, CD 121 AM. TEL. & TEL. CO. EIN [020] [070] [105], any PAT. APP FOR (or similar spelling), any DEC 19, 1871, good colored CD 252 or 292, any CD 262, 267or 267.5, good colored Radio Strains Porcelain or Glass, any Insulator BRACKETS, 162.3 STAR in better color, any UNUSUAL Odd Ball STAR, HEMINGRAY CD 162 in 7-up Green. There may be more that will tempt me.