$10 Lot

By Brent Burger; posted February 3, 2010

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Some unusual or colored pieces priced well under value. $10 a pop, your choice.

L to R:

McLaughlin No.19 in a very unusual and bright, sparkly aqua. Very odd color for a McLaughlin. Minor drip damage; Another McLaughlin, this time in a dead grey color .... no blue or green tints .... just a flat grey. Weird color for any insulator; Postal style Star beehive in a crazy yellow-green swirled cavalcade of tornado-like bonanza .... uh, ... you get the idea. It is real pretty and nicely swirled with green for a striking two-tone effect. Some areas are just a brilliant yellow. Just a potstone "star" in the dome for damage. Last is a scarce marking 162. Has "T-H.E. CO." on the skirt. MLOD. Only damage worth mentioning is a factory annealing line visible in the photo. One or all, $10 a piece + actual postage.