Altered Lightning Rod Insulator

By Spencer Grueninger; posted January 24, 2010

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Seller has wrote the following listed below. Item number on eBay 290395070090. Item is selling as of 1/24/2010

" Medium Violet Purple Lightning Rod Insulator "

" Please read entire description. This beautiful insulator has been altered creating this incredible color by exposing the glass to two differen't processes that change and enhance the original color of the glass and set the color for permanence. It is not painted or stained. You will see others for auction by other sellers that may have only been partially taken through the process. The color change comes from the chemicals in the glass such as manganese reacting to a certain wavelength source causing the atoms to realign themselves. This causes the light refraction through the glass to be changed and the color as it appears to the human eye is also changed. "

" Condition: It's just about as close to mint as you can get. I'd call it mint. It's possible that there could be some tiny little flaw somewhere that I have overlooked. "

" Embossing: none "

"The insulator was treated in 2006 and has been in a brightly sunlit green house since then and the color remains true. Don't miss the chance to own this truly beautiful insulator. This is one of my last examples and as the old saying goes, I've saved the best for last. Possibly a one of a kind color as others probably will not turn this color as the chemical make up of glass batches is always differen't. Beautiful in natural light and stunning in a light box. "