Suspicious carnival Hemingray.

By Chris McClelland; posted January 20, 2010

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I got this guy off eBay last week and once I recieved it I was highly suspicious about it's authenticity of being a true carnival. My suspicions lead me to believe that this is a post factory applied carnival coating and not authentic. The righthand side shows very little to no coating near the domeside which can be seen as a clear spot when you look at the threads to be compared to the golden carnival seen when you look at the domeside on the left side. Insulator is virtually pristine and could easily fool the unknowing or anyone not well versed in altered pieces. Also be aware that I have returned it to the seller telling him that it is highly suspect in my eyes, so it will possibly be recirculated on eBay as legit. Mould date is 38: and 34 on the rear skirt.