Locke Suspensions from San Diego

By Bob Scafe; posted January 16, 2010

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With all the Fog Bowl talk on ICON these days, I just had to post this picture.

This is the Locke version of a suspension fog bowl, and it is a very interesting construction. You can actually reach up inside these things and the inside is ribbed, just as the exterior is. All this to increase the travel or leakage distance and counteract the dampness.

It would seem that the San Diego is an area prone to dense fog, high humidity, and can be extremely damp. This of course is not good for an ordinary insulator, but for a superior fog bowl style suspension, this baby is the answer. I got a string of these suspensions from John Contreras about 3 years ago when he made his first trip up to the 2007 Merritt Insulator Show.

In my last conversation with John, he has several more strings of San Diego area suspensions for me, and will be back for our Merritt Insulator Show Sept 11-12, 2010.