Reyburn Hunter "Egg" (Picture 1)

By Jack Kesling; posted January 15, 2010

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This insulator comes from PA and was purchased over 25 years ago. It came from a person who dug this insulator out of a Lancaster, PA dump near the old stage trail (old Lancaster Pike - RT 30) which runs from Philadelphia to Harrisburg - I have no information on the exact location. The insulator was represented to me as an old glass block. I have had folks tell me it's more likely an early LRI and I tend to agree. It measures 1 7/8 inches long by 1 5/8 inches wide. I will post several views to give you a variety of positions.

Jim Colburn, Steve Bobb, Terry Drollinger, and Rick Soller have all indicated that this is a 1870's LRI called the Reyburn Hunter "Egg". I'm going to move this picture to the LRI "Album". Everyone asked - this LRI does not have and embossing on it. Thanks for all the help. Further information can be found in the JUly 28, 2003 posting by Jim Colburn - see [63963262]