Cegelec markings

By James Mulvey; posted January 14, 2010

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After numerous attempts these are the best pics I could produce of markings on two of the porcelain Cegelec suspensions. They are not much better in real life but holding them you can maybe squint and get a bit more. Top picture is 200 XX 69. the lower picture is 635 XX 69. any comments welcome.

One of the largest manufacturers of French incandescent lamps and electric supplies of all kinds, insulators, etc. CGE was founded by Pierre Azaria (1865-1953) who was born in Cairo, Egypt and lived and was educated in France. In 1898 he set up the Compagnie Generale d'Electricite that became an empire. In 1904 CGE started manufacturing porcelain insulators at the Ivry-Port (Paris) site (1910 catalog substantiates this info). Their main competitor was Parvillee et Freres et Cie, the French pocelain insulator giant as well as insulator manufacturers in Germany. In 1913, CGE had an electrical enginneering branch that became an independent company (CGEE) Compagnie Generale d'Entreprises Electriques, which later became CEGELEC. CGE later became Alcatel Alsthom. (Source from Lis Bergman: Alcatel Alsthom "The History of Compagnie Generale d'Electricite".