Brookfield Color Help : Green, Olive, Yellow Green?

By John Rajpolt; posted January 9, 2010

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I was digging through a collection I bought several years ago and came upon these two Brookfield tolls. The left is a [040] with the 5 blots on the back and SDP. The one on the right is a [010]. I call the right one a yellow green. I am not sure of the left one. It's darker with no real yellow tones. The PG identifies yellow green, olive green, and olive amber for the [040]. When you look up the skirt, there are swirls of darker color. Can a Brookfield 'expert' help out and pinpoint the color? The consensus from the 5 or so replies was that the left color is a olive green with amber streaks. Right is a yellow green. Thanks to the respondents who answered.