Nice N.E.G.M.CO. Ponies

By Brent Burger; posted January 5, 2010

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A pair of strongly contrasting colored 102's with the not-so-commonly seen NEGM marking. On the right is one that is about as blue they come. A bright blue-aqua. Real bright, clear glass with bits of firebrick and bubbles floating about. Condition is excellent. Good greens in these are hard to find, and this one is sweet, with almost a two-tone effect of subtle yellow-green bands swirling in a less intense green base. The kicker is some nice olive swirls in the ample domeglass. A 1" annealing line seen to the left side of the dome is mentioned for accuracy, however I would say this piece is about as nice as the day it was made.

Blue $18 + actual postage Green $42 + actual postage

Take 'em both and I'll get the postage.