Small Collection - Lots of purples

By Daryl Richardson; posted January 3, 2010

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I got these from a lineman in NH. Added a few other pieces I had. $275 for everything and free shipping. Buyer can omit the 121's and I'll reduce to $250. There are 20 CD 121's. One is dome embossed. Most are in good shape, but a few have a chip or bruise. The 731 has bad dome chipping, but displays nice. The 154's all have a wiregroove chip from when the tie wires were cut. The 190 is an AT&T and a lovely yellow green. There is chipping at the top of the pinhole and an open bubble on the base. The 190/191 is a Hemi-50 and is VVNM. The two green 162's are Lynchburgs. One with drips and one without. The 252 is a Knowles - Prism. The base is flattened/ground and there is a 1" bruise. The other 162 is a steel blue McLaughlin No. 19 which has a wiregroove nick in the front.