Faked porcelain

By James Mulvey; posted December 29, 2009

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I took one of my own pictures [id=228927449] from the photogallery as a test. Under controlled conditions editing a picture with even the most basic editing program is exceptionally easy to do. By placing the insulator on a solid colour background and take the picture from straight on, you could fool anyone. This took less than 3 minutes.

Because this picture has an impure background and is taken at an angle, I feel it better shows what I did but the result is not perfect. Even so, it is still a simple matter to carry on, remove the background and edit the remaining few small imperfections.

Taking the original picture, (top left) I copied the inkstamp and saved it. (Lower left)

I copied the right half of the insulator (lower centre)

then reversed that half image (lower right) and placed it overtop of the original left side of the picture.( top right)

Copied and replaced the inkstamp to the repaired insulator.

Now the item is ready for eBay . small "no harm" skirt chip as shown in picture.....

Brian Weeldreyer photo's show how colour can be quickly changed [id=242526469] [id=242526025]