CD 152 - HEMINGRAY - NO 40 Greenish w/ Amber

By Jim Sinsley; posted December 11, 2009

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NO ! ! The embossing is NOT actually backwards. I don't know how that happened

Offered here is a GREAT condition piece that really looks nice either with back light or in a window. It is more GREENish than aqua and has amber streaking throughout. As they say: "the picture doesn't do it justice". Here in northern Idaho this time of year I don't have either light source.

The piece has very little damage to report, I find 1 drip halved on the inside and a pin head size ping on the crown. That's it. I will be happy to provide additional pictures upon request, maybe we'll get luckey and get a few minutes of sunshine.

WANT: Porcelain strain eggs; Porcelain Mickey Mouse; Hemi Blue I don't have; CD 267 or 267.5; CD 262; any CD w/ RADICAL Under pour or bubble or JUNK; or ???