Teal CD 738 Threadless

By John Rajpolt; posted December 10, 2009

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Here is a CD 738 in teal green. The glass has tons of little seed bubbles. No milk in the glass like some of these have. Surface is clean and shiny. There is a thumb size sheer flake on the skirt from the base up to the top of the skirt at the mold line on the right side of the photo (you can see the start of it in the photo on the right side; sort of the flat surface area). Behind that is another sheer flake up from the base on the skirt that is about the size of the top of a pinky. Tick to upper side of dome (you can see that in the photo). Small white bruise to top of dome on left side of photo. 1/4 inch chip to upper wire ridge on other side of photo. Small skirt edge flake in right front of photo. On left side of photo, there is about a 3/4 inch or so flat flake from the base edge overpour just before mold line. The backside base has a 3/4 inch and a 1/4 inch flake. I have many other photos of this piece so please ask. Open to trades on other threadless CD's I am looking for: 700.4, 701, 701.1, 701.3, 701.8, 722, 723.5, 723.6, 724.3, 724.5, 725, 727, 728.5, 729.3, 729.6, 731.3, 732.2, 732.4, 734.3, 734.5, 735.5, 736, 736.1, 736.3, 736.4. Or, if you have other "stuff", I'll be open to listening as well.