Double Unlisted Hemingray CD 121 Toll Color and Emboss error

By Rob Hutchinson; posted November 29, 2009

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Now according to the 2007 Price guide by John and Carol McDougald these insulators do not exist. Do you realize that as of this date no one has documented a Hemingray CD 121 in Green Aqua? Both of these are green aqua Spec Tru CN slides 430+525. More interesting even yet is that both of these have a 9 embossed over an existing 9 that sits a little high. One is very Near mint with only a fractured drip (intact) a couple pin pricks and a bird peck. The other has issues but still displays nicely. Do you wish to own both known to exist and have a EIN possibly 125 assigned to them. All I ask is that you give me a fair trade of two CD 143's of decent color and/or character. These Two have a close emboss index with the [120] except for color and the double struck 9