Early Fake Insulator Cobalt CD 102 Community Display

By Jim White; posted November 24, 2009

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According to Jack Synder, this is one of the first fake insulators made. Fred Hammer, an Owens Illinois employee made a small (unknown quantity) of these in Toledo, Ohio in the very early 1970s. Jack believes he was an engineer that traveled to Owens sites all over the country. These hand crafted pieces were poured on Saturdays at an Owens plant in Toledo (with the help of Toledoan, Gary Hill). Fritz used a CD 102 Mold LIne Over the Dome Brookfield mold. A wooden pin was used to form the threads. The flaming wooden cob was obviously only good for 2-3 applications. I remember them as being much cruder than this specimen. Jack bought this piece in Toledo around 2004. Mark Gilmore also exhibited a similar piece and one was found on the show floor for sale.

Fritz would peddle these cobalts sparingly at bottle shows or antique shows for whatever the market would bear.. generally $15 - $20.

He also found and pulled a quantity of dated Star helmets from a Southern Louisiana Owens plant in the the early 1970s. He sold those for a hefty sum of $90 each.