Hemingray Bushing? Spool?

By Christian Willis; posted October 7, 2009

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In 2008, one of these was dug at the Hemingray Dump by Roger Lucas [id=224507195].

It almost resembles a stretched version of a CD 1074. It has a tapered bore like a floor/wall tube insulator, but it also has what looks like a wire groove. The measurements are 4 1/4" high, 2 1/4" wide at the middle, with a tapered inner diameter of 1 1/4" at the top to 1" at the bottom.

It comes in a typical Hemingray ice aqua color, and there are at least two specimens known to date. It has never appeared in any Hemingray catalogs (that I know of). Does anyone else out there have one of these or know more info about this piece?

Edit 8/22/2020: We're up to 4 known so far. The general consensus is this is a bushing of some kind, though for what exactly we may never know. Bob Stahr also pointed out that the dug specimen had a stone ground top, whereas the top on this one is molded.