Mother Nature Does Good (121 WGM, 124.2 & 126 CREB)

By Dan Gauron; posted September 15, 2009

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Sometimes It's tough, if not impossible to improve on the effects of Mother Nature. You've heard the old saying that moss always grows on the north side of the tree; well out here on the Front Range, it's the sandblasted side of the insulator that always points west . as is the case with this personally plucked crystal clean on one side, frosted on the other 126 CREB. The 124.2 with the incredible Patina was dug out of a privey behind an old Saloon in Central City, Colorado. Its shimmer reminds me of the effect gasoline being dripped on a puddle of water has. The Denver 121 toll with the leaf came in a box of other uncleaned tolls that were picked in Lamar, Co. back in 1961. How can you remove a leaf that's been holding on for 48 years. These are just a few of the many pieces I keep in their found ( no more than lightly washed) condition for the fond memory or special connection to the past that it gives me. Hope You Enjoy, Dan