"Merritt" Lis and Jim Bergman were there [here]

By Bob Scafe; posted September 15, 2009

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Faithful supporters of the show, and good friends are Lis and Jim Bergman of Bellingham, Wa. They are shown checking out my display of foreign insulators, specifically the French Insulators. Not shown is young Elizabeth who accompanied Lis and Jim to the show. All are recently returned from yet another successful insulator collecting trip to France. It was fun to watch as Jim began setting the French and Romanian glass out on the table. Suddenly, around the field, heads began to swivel in their direction as everyone realized they were possibly missing out on some treasures. There was a brief stampede over to the table as folks hurried over to see what was being unwrapped. As always, Lis and Jim have a great display of French and other European pieces. Always something for everyone.