"Merritt" Crash Harynuk is ready for anything.

By Bob Scafe; posted September 15, 2009

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As mentioned earlier, Shelley was attacked last year by a string of suspension insulators. It was the "DING heard around the field". Everyone stopped and looked about trying to figure out what they had heard. Shelley had stopped too, waiting for the stars and bright lights in her head to go away. Fortunately there was no damage to the insulators.

This year, Shelley and Jack drove into the Insulator Field, and before she would emerge from the car, she put on her helmet. I found the ladies relaxing in the shade of Aidan and Brenda's awning, and talked Shelley into putting on her helmet one more time. Unfortunately, Shelley was not willing to do a re-enactment of the "DING" moment. Perhaps the memories of the stars and rockets were too vivid. Hope the headaches go away soon. Shelley's great looking companion is Jasper.