"Merritt" Without them, it couldn't be done

By Bob Scafe; posted September 15, 2009

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Insulator shows are lots of fun, but they are also lots of work. The guys have the fun, the gals do the work. Here is a picture of the ladies who make it all possible. OK, fine, Bev made the chili, salads, cooked the bacon and eggs, etc., but these gals all pitched in and helped with the little things like buttering toast, pouring OJ, setting out condiments, and a host of other little things. And then they all pitched in and helped clean up. Team work like that enables Bev to get out and enjoy the show too. So, I say to the ladies, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU.

OK, not everyone helped in the kitchen, but then Leanna Lauckner had her hands full with the star of the show, 14 month old Stella. Stella is gorgeous, and certainly stole my heart. Next in yellow is the star of "our" household, Bev Scafe who did all the work so I could take all the credit. Seems like a fair trade to me. The guy in the black fur coat is Murphy, and he is everyones friend. Murphy loves the excitement of an insulator show. Next in pink is Shelley "Crash" Harynuk with her trusty dog, "Jasper". Brenda Morgan has borrowed Aidan's plaid shirt, and it is Brenda who came up with the wonderful idea of ''Larry the Lineman". Throughout the day, I saw several people getting their pictures taken alongside "Larry". Wearing black and a big smile is Marcia Ryder. Marcia and Reid drove many hours from Edmonton Alberta and Marcia always has a wonderful manner and positive outlook. One of my favourite people. A couple of times Bev found Marcia had cleaned up in the kitchen. A great help. And last, but not least is Linda Close, getting around this year on a cane. Watch for her next year though, after she has both the knee transplants done. Husband Terry is going to have to watch himself after Linda has the knees done. Best wishes Linda. Missing from the picture is Elizabeth Bergman who also helped Bev "get it done"

These were the ladies that "got it done" I thank them for their efforts, and Bev certainly appreciates all their help.