"Merritt" No concussion this year, thank-you

By Bob Scafe; posted September 14, 2009

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Regular attendees to the Merritt Insulator Show, great friends and super good sports are Shelley and Jack Harynuk of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. They arrived early Saturday morning, and I immediately had to turn my back while Shelley put on her crash helmet. Last year, while taking pictures of the insulator field, Shelleys head came in contact with a low hanging string of suspensions. You could hear the "DING" right across the field. Jack is pointing out the band-aids which mark the approximate point of contact, and Shelley claims there is still a lump there from last year. As usual, Jack brought many nice pieces of glass, and some super pieces of porcelain, inspired by all the recent discussion on Yukon and grooved base insulators. Yes, that is a piece of toilet paper on Jack's chin. He was being considered briefly as a blood donor by the Red Cross, but had to rush out to an insulator show. There will be additional pictures of "Crash Harynuk" later in the Photo Gallery.