"Merritt" He is known as "Larry the Lineman"

By Bob Scafe; posted September 11, 2009

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I know it is unusual to post Insulator show pictures before the show has been held, but " Larry the Lineman " won't wait..

Yup, Brenda and Aidan Morgan have done it again. Brenda must stay awake at night thinking up ways to keep me smiling. They arrived at the Insulator Ranch on Wednesday, and presented me with my new Insulator Field artwork. First thing yesterday, [Thursday], Aidan and I were busy getting "Larry the Lineman" into climbing mode.

I think he looks fantastic, and want to thank both Aidan and Brenda for their wonderful addition to the Insulator Field. He is shown here climbing after some Canadian tolls, and for those concerned about "Larry the Lineman's" well-being, please note the safety belt.

Things are shaping up for another great show, with several new faces scheduled to make an appearance. If you aren't busy this weekend, come on up to the Merritt Insulator Show. You will most definitely have a good time. Hot and sunny forecast for all weekend. No rain this time.