Another Steel Pole In Use In Franklin Pa 1905-1910

By Bill Sutliff; posted August 25, 2009

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This is a really great photo of another one of the Tripartite steel poles in use in Franklin, Pa. This is at the corner of Elk and I believe 13th. streets. This one is used for telephone service. There are some some transpositions on this pole, they look like either CD 190/191s or possibly CD 196s. The one to the right of the pole looks like it is broken. There is also a CD 106 on the left and something on the right I can't make out. There are two other poles on this corner, and the one next to the steel one is stenciled with "CD&P TEL CO - POST - NO BILLS". I guess that explains why I find so many of the CD&P (Central District & Printing Telegraph Co.) 121 tolls around up in the Franklin-Oil City area. Too bad we can't see the crossarms on this pole. The other pole has the Elk St. sign on it, and there are two arms partially visible, but not well focused and obscured by tree limbs. Dates to the 1905-1910 period.