Tripartite Steel Pole In Use In Franklin, Pa 1905-1910

By Bill Sutliff; posted August 16, 2009

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Anothe photo from my glass negative collection. This telephone pole was made in Franklin, Pa (Venango County) by the Franklin Rolling Mill and Foundry Co. Their tradename for these poles was Tripartite. They look like three iron pipes with increasingly smaller cast iron supports every two feet or so. They all must have rusted away (at least around here) because I have never seen any of them around. This photo was taken to show the poles in use, and was probably used by salesmen or to show interested buyers, etc. This one is no. 106. This may be Buffalo street, but I am not certain. The insulators look like CD 202 tramps and CD 162 signals. There could be some CD 106 ponies in there as well. There is a lot of wire everywhere from the other poles, and it looks like a disorganized mess! It seems that at this time each utility had their own poles, so ther must have been some rat's nests of wires above the streets!