Beautiful GOLDEN AMBER Hemingray CD 162.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted August 12, 2009

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Coming from the white north, where these brightly coloured Hemingray signals were never really used... unfortunately, this one doesn't mean as much to me as it probably would to someone else! I'm interested in trading away this awesome, Golden Amber-coloured [220] Hemingray CD 162. The colour stands out so vibrantly on a bright sunny day that it amazes me I can't appreciate this one more.

The condition of the insulator is excellent for one of this sharpy-dripped signals. To start, there are two tiny fleabites on the front crown, just above the wire groove, measuring at about 1/16" each, and one tiny scratch on the rear upper wire ridge. On the front base, there are only two half-chipped drips, and on the rear base you will see 8 additionally half-chipped drips. No drips are completely missing, and the piece displays almost perfectly from the front. There is also a partially open "long bubble" in the rear dome. This one looks and feels like it has been open since the day the insulator was made, so I wouldn't even consider it damage. All in all, I would rate this one at very good condition, maybe around NM. If you've got a lineup and need a quality example of this colour, then this is one!

I am looking, in trade, for something Canadian to add to my collection. Threadless are, of course, my preference, but any unique or scarce unembossed, Dwight, Montreal, or G.N.W. CD 143 will be seriously, seriously considered. Heck, I'll consider ANY offer. Give this one a good home!

Feel free to email me for more photos, and I'll be hoping to add something new to my Canadian collection!