Brookfield Autograph with Brookfield Glass Company Seal

By Zac Mirecki; posted August 9, 2009

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This piece of paper would make a great go-with for your collection of Brookfield insulators. It has very minor damage to a few of the letters in the seal where it was pressed too hard. The paper has been creased but it shows quite well as you can see in the photo.

I should note that this was signed for Mr. Richard Baldwin of Terryville, CT. The paper was found in an envelope from Phil Klabel of Peru, Illinois in a book owned by Richard. It is doubtful that this autograph has been out of the book and in the light of day in over thirty years.

Wm. L. Brookfield is the grandson of William Brookfield and this seal is original to the Glass Company his grandfather began in 1908. You can see more information about William, see his autograph and the seal itself in the December 1999 issue of Crown Jewels.

Honestly, I don't know much about the value of this paper but I would guess to the right person it may be worth a lot. I have never seen an autograph of an insulator related person like this before nor have I ever seen a company seal.

I would be interested in trading for anything colorful that catches my eye. I am now specializing in CD 134s, foreign glass/porcelain and Hartford Faience items.

If you need more photos or history on this paper, let me know.

Thanks for looking.