Oh, looking so much better, Thanks Jeremiah

By Bob Scafe; posted July 18, 2009

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Thanks to Jeremiah Sconiers of Wadsworth Ohio, I have been able to find knives for some of my Fuse Cut-outs. Many times, the knives are missing when these units are found either in the wild, or in antique shops.

About a year ago, I had posted a picture of my "Buddhas" on display. Jeremiah responded that he had seen several of these Fuse Cut-out units while on Insulator Hunts in his area. I asked him to check them out, and if possible to send me some knives, as I was missing several. Well, the knives arrived in the mail yesterday, and I immediately had to get them installed to complete the units. They do look so much better. Thanks Jeremiah.

Also thanks to Jeremiah, I learned something new today... The white unglazed Westinghouse units on the right use a different style knife. The brown glaze GE's and CGE's [left] and Westinghouse units [right] all utilize a straight push in to lock style knife, whereas the Westinghouse unglazed units are a push and twist to lock style knife. Same as the P&S [ Pass & Seymour] Fuse Cut-outs which use push and twist knives.

Unfortunately, I am also missing a brown glazed push and twist style knife for a P&S unit. If you have a spare one, or know where one can be found, I would appreciate hearing from you.

So Jeremiah, thanks to you, the display is looking so much better.

BTW, did you know there are no "natural lakes" in Ohio. All lakes in Ohio have been man made. Jeremiah, Steve Blair, can you verify this???