CD 257 Amber & Two Tone Mickey Mouse unlisted [080]

By Lee Brewer; posted June 30, 2009

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Picture taken in natural sunlight.

This was formerly in the for sale folder. It was almost sold at 235.00 - but the person had to back out. No more takers so now it is for trade. It is in superior condition, but I need to move it. So lets consider a trade! What do you have? I will even trade for numerous pieces that would be sure to sell as I need to clear out some inventory.

Specifics: Identification: This appears to be an unlisted EIN [080]. The listing for these includes a green/aqua two tone - but this piece is appears to be a green aqua two tone with amber swirling throughout - including in the ears (where it looks best!). This Mouse also has the wide groove top.

Condition: I had to look very hard to find anything wrong with this piece. All the drips display as mint (a couple have open bubbles so are not closed at their tip) - I found where two have minute flakes off of their inside edges. So I cannot call it mint condition - but it is very, very close.

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