"Small o" G.N.W. TEL. Co. CD 145, with Bubbles!

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 16, 2009

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Up for grabs is another tough embossing variation in the "heavy" Canadian 145 series. Yes, this piece is a [015] G.N.W. TEL. CO. CD 145, with no G.T.P. blotout, and the small 'o' in the embossing. These small 'o' pieces are, for reasons unknown to me, quite prone to damage on the base and inner skirt. I have never managed to locate too many in good condition. This one is in excellent condition, and as an added bonus, the glass is just fully of small to medium-sized bubbles, in varying shapes & sizes, throughout the whole piece. The photo shows some of these quite well.

As mentioned, the condition on this piece is very good. The only damage appears to be a 1/4" wide "shallow" fisheye on the left crown-side, a couple small pings along the upper wire ridge on the left-hand side of the piece, and a pair of tiny (less than 1/8" wide) flakes off the base, just below the "Co." embossing.

I'm asking $14.00 U.S. plus shipping for this tough variation of an otherwise common embossing-type. I accept PayPal, and personal cheques or money orders from any member of ICON, or anyone I've dealt with before. Please feel free to email me for more photos, or with any questions. I encourage you to look through my "For Sale (Not Sold)" stock, and combine items to save on shipping. All the best!