CD 106 embossing error - detail

By Bill Meier; posted June 15, 2009

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This is a detailed view of the embossing on the [id=249678198; previous insulator]. On top is a detailed view of the "1893" clearly showing the 9 as a G. Not convinced? OK...

On the second line: Left photo is the "9" (i.e. the "G") from the embossing above it. Center photo is that "9" rotated 180 degrees. Right photo is the "G" extracted from "HEMINGRAY" on the front.

Looks the same to me!

Note that with the punch stamp used to make this "stamped" type embossing you can only make two types of impressions... The normal impression, and an impression rotated 180 degrees. Note that a rotation of 180 degrees is upside down.

I did not find this piece, but whomever did had an eagle eye to be able to spot it!