1 Amber Brookfield CD 162 and 1 Hemingray Blue CD 115

By Jeffrey Kraemer; posted June 14, 2009

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Here are 2 insulators for the amber specialist and the Hemingray Blue lover. The Right side one is a CD 162, Brookfield, [030], Aqua with amber everywhere that makes it look green, Only damage is 5 small dings near the wire groove and dome and a small chip where the threads start. The Left side one is a CD 115, Hemingray, [050], Hemingray Blue, a tiny ding the size on a needle point on the lowest wire ridge. So you get a amber CD 162 and a needle point away from mint CD 115 for......$6........Shipping not included and I have no idea what shipping will be. Maybe $5??? PayPal only! No international buyers.