California Color Guidance: Splitting hairs: C.G.I.Co. pony & California keg

By Colin Jung; posted May 21, 2009

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Part of the joy and curse of being a California insulator collector is dealing with the multitude of shade and color variations that can never ever be addressed in the price guide. Your sense and classification of color must be flexible enough when new and different examples of California glass color are presented to you. I have seen California colors that turned me into a mumbling mass when I first laid eyes on it-- the same feeling when you saw that star embossed blobtop photo.

The far left C.G.I.Co.(aqua) and far right keg (darker purple) are contrasted against my 2009 Rhode Ranch finds: Second from the left C.G.I.Co. pony in light aqua and second from the right is a California keg in a lighter rosy hue of purple.

For me it is different enough !!