Lost Insulator

By Andrew Gibson; posted May 5, 2009

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My 6 year old daughter had a class assignment the other day -- she had to bring something to school, write a "lost" poster for it, then she and all the kids in her class put the posters up and had to figure out which poster went with which object. I was tickled when she brought this drawing home and showed it to me -- I didn't have a clue that she had done this.

Can you figure out just what insulator she's referring to? I'll bet you can't! There's a link at the very bottom of this to a picture of what she took to class.

Here's what she wrote:


I lost my inslatre it is lite brown and has stripes that are black and it is rownd on the top of it and when you find it plees call me when you find it.



And here's what she took to school: http://myinsulators.com/ajg/GoWithJPGs/WoodCD124.jpg