C.G.E. [Canadian General Electric] Fuse Cut-out

By Bob Scafe; posted May 4, 2009

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The left hand unit is newly acquired. I had to go to Kamloops last week for a meeting with the Doctor. Not wanting to waste any opportunities in the big city, [pop. 70,000, compared to Merritt's 8,000] we dropped into a few antique and junque shops to check out their wares. Hidden under a bottom shelf was this unusual gray-ish glazed unit.

It was different in a couple of ways, in that the glaze was not the usual GE or even CGE chocolate brown. Also, the embossing was different to the usual CGE Logo as shown on the right hand unit. The markings were similar to US made GE products, but with a Canadian Catalog number. They both show the same Catalog # 6754, even though the shapes do vary. The US catalog number is 104227 for the same shape / style unit as the gray glazed fuse cut-out

The price was $9.95 Cdn, and after pointing out the chips, and inquiring about any "geezer" discount, I walked out of the store having paid only $7.95 . You gotta love a bargain

I have been totally blown away by the prices seen on eBay this week for 7 or 8 of these fuse cut outs. Totally ridiculous prices, at least for this cowboy, but somebody was willing to pay them. Guess I'll just have to keep on looking, not that that's a bad thing

I was asked the other day specifically how and where these were used, and I must admit, I don't know, so if you do know the particular purpose of these units, please share the information.

The "new" unit will now be put out on display in the Insulator Field. Merritt Insulator Show, Sept 12-13, /09 Also, if you have any fuse cut-outs for sale, please contact me. I'm always looking for something new.